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Labiaplasty Revision (Botched Labiaplasties) Before and After Photos

Botched labiaplasties are labiaplasty surgeries performed on patients that result in poor cosmetic surgical outcomes for the patient.  These usually occur, but not always,  because the surgeon who performs the procedure lacks the necessary EXPERIENCE, SKILL, and or EXPERTISE.   Below are examples of “botched labiaplasties.”  Please choose your surgeon wisely.

All of the patients on this site had their primary surgery by other surgeons either gynecologists or plastic surgeons and resulted in a botched vaginal plastic surgery (ie Before photos). All labiaplasty revisions/restorations were performed by Dr Miklos & Moore ( ie After photos).


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Labiaplasty Revision - Jackson, MS

Patient 25576 - Jackson, MS

Labiaplasty Revision - Montgomery, AL

Patient 35600 - Montgomery, AL

Labiaplasty Revision - Spain

Patient 39929 - Spain

Labiaplasty Revision - Leesburg, Ga

Patient 29987 - Leesburg, GA

Labiaplasty Revision - Dallas, TX

Patient 38717 - Dallas, TX

Labiaplasty Revision - Columbus, SC

Patient 21000 - Columbus, SC

Labiaplasty Revision - Canton, GA

Patient 30009 - Canton, GA

Labiaplasty Revision - Dallas, TX

Patient 38717 - Dallas, TX

Labiaplasty Revision - Atlanta, GA

Patient 41021 - Atlanta, GA

For more information - see Labiaplasty Revision in Diagnosis and Procedures

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