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Labiaplasty – Labia Majora Reduction

Sagging Labia Majora

Before - Sagging Labia Majora
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After Labia Majora Reduction

After Labia Majora Reduction
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Labia Majora Reduction is the surgical procedure performed to fix the medical diagnosis known as Labia Majora Sagging.

Labia majora sagging is a type of labia enlargement. Patients who have sagging labia majora often describe the majora as “sagging” or “hanging.” They often say "my labia majora are not close to my body and they hang." This stretching of the labia majora is usually the result of gaining and loosing weight or severe swelling in this area (usually during pregnancy). The skin stretches and when the weight or water fluid is lost the skin does not tighten leaving the patient with sagging labia majora.

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