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About Labiaplasty

Doctors John R. Miklos and Robert D. Moore are award winning Master Surgeons who are internationally renowned in the field of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. They are fellowship trained in the field of Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery and are both Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. Their unprecedented experience and unsurpassed expertise in vaginal cosmetic and rejuvenation surgery has resulted in some of the latest surgical advancements in their field today.

Dr. Miklos and Moore have published some of the first everscientific papers in the field of Vaginal Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Surgery and because of their expertise have been asked to Chair the First ever Global Symposium on Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery hosted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. They recently have also been invited to Vienna, Austria to present at the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. They authored the FIRST EVER chapter in a major Urogynecology Textbook on Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery, and in the near future will have published the LARGEST series in the WORLD on Labiaplasty procedures.


Vaginal cosmetic surgery refers to aesthetic surgery to improve the APPEARANCE of the external vaginal and vulvar structures. Many women are born with enlarged labia (minora or majora) or experience changes in the appearance of their external vaginal structures after childbirth or aging that they are not happy with. Vaginal cosmetic surgery can help improve the appearance of the external vaginal structures and reverse many of these changes that may have occurred. Some women may also suffer from symptoms of discomfort or irritation from enlargement of the labia and reduction may help resolve these symptoms.

Many might consider that this is just simple surgery of excising or cutting off enlarged labia minora (inner lips). This is FAR from the truth. Vulvar cosmetic surgery is one of the most intricate, precise and meticulous cosmetic surgeries that is performed today and requires the UTMOST expertise to achieve superior results. This is NOT part of your body that you want to entrust to an inexperienced surgeon! Most plastic surgeons have little or no experience with this type of cosmetic surgery, so patients need to be aware of their surgeons training and experience.

Labiaplasty and Vulvar Cosmetic Surgery may involve the Labia Minora (inner lips), the Prepuce (skin folds lateral to the clitoral hood), the Labia Majora (enlarged with adipose tissue, or excess sagging skin), the Mons Pubis region or the Perineal Region (excess or sagging perineal skin). In many and most cases it takes a combination of procedures of the above areas to achieve maximal cosmetic results. The science of cosmetic vaginal surgery and labiaplasty has gone FAR BEYOND just cutting off enlarged labia minora… takes true ARTISTRY and SKILL to work on ALL of the vulvar structures in combination to achieve the utmost in cosmetic results that most women are desirous of. For example, most women that have enlarged labia minora have excess lateral prepuce that needs to be reduced as it is just an extension of the excess skin on the minora themselves. If this is not completed, the clitoral hood region will appear enlarged compared to the now reduced labia minora. This area takes much more skill to work on and therefore many surgeons don't do it and the cosmetic results suffer significantly. In today's day and age of advanced vulvar cosmetic surgery, this type of work is unacceptable. The majority of Labiaplasties that Dr. Moore and Miklos complete involve reduction of excess prepuce at the time of labia minora reduction to achieve the superior results seen on our before and after pictures.

The field of Cosmetic Vaginal and Vulvar Surgery has advanced greatly in the last several years and Dr. Miklos and Moore have been on the forefront of these advancements. This is why patients from all over the world travel to their specialty center in Atlanta to have their cosmetic vaginal surgery completed by the MASTERS.


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