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Vaginal Rejuvenation Overview

Doctors John R. Miklos and Robert D. Moore are award winning Master Surgeons who are internationally renowned in the field of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery. Their unprecedented experience and unsurpassed expertise in vaginal cosmetic and rejuvenation surgery has resulted in some of the latest surgical advancements in their field today.

Dr. Miklos and Moore have published some of the first ever-scientific papers in the field of Vaginal Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Surgery and because of their expertise have, been asked to Chair the First ever Global Symposium on Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery hosted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons. They authored the FIRST EVER chapter in a major Urogynecology Textbook on Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery, and have been asked to travel to Vienna (Austria), Moscow (Russia) AND Australia this year alone to lecture and teach other surgeons secondary to their reputations of leading the world in vaginal cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Vaginal Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Surgery refers to TWO TYPES of procedures:


Vaginal cosmetic surgery refers to aesthetic surgery to improve the APPEARANCE of the external vaginal and vulvar structures. Many women are born with enlarged labia or experience changes in the appearance of their external vaginal structures after childbirth or aging that they are not happy with. Vaginal cosmetic surgery can help improve the appearance of the external vaginal structures and reverse many of these changes that may have occurred.

Procedures include:


Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery refers to surgery to TIGHTEN the inside of the vaginal canal and the opening of the vagina to improve or ENHANCE SEXUAL FUNCTION. Vaginal childbirth and/or aging can cause damage to the supportive tissue in the vaginal walls and muscles that may result in a relaxed vaginal canal and/or a relaxed or gaping vaginal opening. In many women this may result in less friction, less sensation, the feeling of being "too loose" and difficult time reaching orgasm with intercourse. They state "things are just not the same since I delivered my children," "sex is less enjoyable," "I don't even feel my partner in me anymore," "I feel stretched out."

"Improve Your Sexual Experience with Vaginal Rejuvenation"

Most patients who complain of diminished sensation or friction during intercourse and have no other symptoms such as vaginal bulging, pressure, painful intercourse can have a one hour vaginal surgical procedure designed to enhance friction during intercourse. Vaginal Rejuvenation will effectively enhance the tautness and tightness of the vaginal walls and vaginal opening by decreasing the vaginal diameter and surgically repairing the damage caused by vaginal childbirth. However, the surgical technique required for each individual patient varies depending upon the amount and type of vaginal relaxation found.

In many cases, the damage to the vaginal walls and support tissues may be more extensive and actually affect the support of the pelvic organs such as the bladder, uterus and/or rectum. If this is the case, this foundation of support must be restored prior to Rejuvenating or Tightening the vaginal canal. Being FELLOWSHIP trained Urogynecologists/Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Miklos and Moore are able to ensure the proper diagnosis is made and will do all repairs including Rejuvenation at the same setting. When this is the case, a medical diagnosis is usually made (ie Cystocele, Rectocele, Uterine Prolapse) and insurance may help pay for a portion the procedure. Most other Vaginal Rejuvenation centers do NOT utilize insurance in any form or matter to help pay for surgery to enhance sexual function and do NOT repair prolapse or treat urinary incontinence at the same time.

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